Pastured Duck

Our Pekin ducks are raised in small batches and given freedom to roam our pastures, where they are protected from predators by electric fencing and our livestock guardian dog Bell. They forage extensively and are supplemented exclusively with locally-milled non-GMO cereal grains. Our ducks are carefully and expertly hand-processed on farm, where they are dry plucked and air chilled for exceptional flavor and texture. These methods are time-intensive and therefore costly, but we think you’ll find the price is fully justified.

We raise and process our birds with culinary ends in mind, never letting mere economic efficiency have the final say. The utmost care and attention is taken from start to finish, resulting in a truly superior product. The ultimate outcome is a bird with character, with a depth of flavor and integrity of texture unparalleled by other domestic poultry. Pekins put on a beautiful layer of unctuous fat that makes for a wonderful roasting bird—though you could certainly do worse than a seared duck breast or duck leg confit.

  • Whole duck (4.5 to 6.5 lbs.): $7.80/lb.
  • Duck breast: $18/lb.
  • Duck “steaks” (boneless, skinless breast): $18/lb.
  • Duck leg/thigh quarters: $10/lb.
  • Duck stock bones: $4/lb.
  • Duck gizzards: $5/lb.
  • Duck feet: $2/lb.