Other Products

While our primary focus is our Milk & Meadow Rosé Veal and our variety of Heritage Poultry, we are a diversified farm and also produce a number of other products. These are typically available in limited quantities.

Gourmet Garlic

For 2020 we expanded the area we plant to garlic, putting in about a dozen different varieties with different characteristics and culinary uses.  We will have a limited quantity of garlic available summer 2021, while we hold back most of the crop to serve as seedstock for next year with the intention of having lots of garlic for sale in 2022 and onwards.

Wild-harvested Gooseberries

Growing in abundance along the edge of our woodlot, gooseberries make a delicious pie (try a bit of orange zest for interest), wonderful jam, and some people (bless them) prefer to eat them raw. Typically available for a five-to-six week period starting around late May.


From the two trees that we were blessed to find already well established when we moved to the farm in 2012.  We prune them late winter, and harvest the fruits late summer, and that’s about all the care and attention they get.  Every few years gives us a bumper crop, which we are happy to share.

Grass-fed Lamb & Mutton

We began our flock of Gulf Coast Native sheep in the fall of 2017.  These are a wonderful multipurpose breed, providing ample and serviceable wool plus delicate and mild meat.  Descendants of sheep left along the Gulf Coast by early Spanish explorers–so they would breed and the explorers would have a ready supply of meat on return trips–these guys and gals are hardy, parasite-resistant, and a great fit for our farm.  We are still building our flock, but will occasionally have lamb available, and in future years hope to expand into good grass-fattened mutton.