Free Range Guinea Fowl

Our delicious French Guinea fowl are allowed to roam widely over the farm, where they consume an incredibly diverse diet of grasses, clovers, weeds and seeds, and all manner of insects and bugs. Though their meat is darker and boasts a deeper, richer flavor than chicken, the locally-milled non-GMO cereal grain diet they are supplemented with results in a moderate taming of the guinea’s gentle wildness as well as giving them a moderate level of healthful fat. Their exercise and diverse diet, coupled with the guinea’s genetic propensity, imbues these birds with a flavor unmatched by other birds, and our guineas are the bird most likely to bring customers back for more. Alas, the nature of guinea fowl and seasonality requires that we limit our production to one batch of approximately 150 birds per year, so availability is limited.

Our guineas are processed by hand in small batches on-farm, where they are dry plucked and air chilled for unsurpassable results. These methods are time-intensive and therefore costly, but we think you’ll find the price is fully justified. We raise and process our birds with culinary ends in mind, never letting mere economic efficiency have the final say. The utmost care and attention is taken from start to finish, resulting in a truly superior product. The ultimate outcome is a bird with character, with a depth of flavor and integrity of texture unparalleled by other domestic poultry.

  • Whole Guinea fowl (2.5 to 4 lbs.): $7.00/lb.